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Welcome to Smallville Live!

This community was designed to have a place for people to go and post and squee about each episode while it's airing.

Every week that there is a new episode of Smallville, one of the moderators will open a post titled with the episode date, number, and title, and in that post any and all comments are welcome (within reason of course - no flaming, please!)

Is Clark smiling so sexily you could just die? Is Lex slinking around again like sex on legs? Did you miss a phrase? Not catch something? Just want to make a comment that says: OMG EEEEEEEEEE!! Well - do that here! There's nothing that's more fun than being able to laugh and joke and have fun watching your favorite show with some friends, and hopefully that's what this community will accomplish.

The rules are short and sweet:

No flaming, no arguing with each other, no name calling.

No spoilers for future episodes! Anything that's already aired, up to and including the current episode, is fair game. Any of your own *personal* guesses are fine. But revealing spoilers seen anywhere - even if it's just speculation at this point - isn't. Please don't spoil someone else's fun by leading the direction of the comments of the current episode to something you know is going to happen in the future. That's not fair to the person who's not looking to be spoiled, and just all around not nice. *g*

That's it, guys!

Thanks to oxoniensis for our gorgeous banner and default icon!