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blowjobs for jesus

Episode 8.3 - Toxic

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The son he never had??????

Well, he kinda was. Because Lionel refused to admit he made Lex more than a little neurotic.
I know...but that whole thread pissed me off, gosh.
I don't know. I think it kinda fits because Clark's always looking for father figures since his own sent him through time and space without the luxury of a TARDIS. And Clark wasn't actively trying to kill Lionel....
since his own sent him through time and space without the luxury of a TARDIS

*falls down laughing*
Oh, god. Now I'm imagining a crossover where the Doctor gets tired of Clark's goody-goody attitude and makes Donna talk to him about getting over his issues. Feed 'im to the wolves. I'd so love that. And Chloe could get geek out.
Donna--Clark???? *laughs all over* I'd pay cash money for that!
I would, too! It'd be great. She'd shape him up, tell him to kill the daddy issues, and man up. If the Doctor can come from space and do something right, Earth's Wonder Boy can gear up. And get over his mooning fits for a love that peaced out.
AAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!! *screams from a rooftop*
I know!!!!
Well that was okay. And it kind of had a point at the end. I think. Or the writers will retcon it later.
I think the point was that Ollie better run far away from Tess. Far, far away. Because she's turned a little bitter.
I enjoyed the killin' at the end. :)
That? Was badass. I think I might like Tess a whole lot more now.
Yeah, I think she's growing on me. :)
Completely. I like it that she's got that dark edge...and not a born Luthor.
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