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Hey all!
Clark is kinda cute when he's rescuing people.
Yes i'm sure Lex told Tess ALL ABOUT Clark...down to if it's boxers or briefs ;)
The new girl looks like Lana.
*nods* That's just what I was thinking!
Looks like Lana and sounds almost like Dawn Summers
Damn, I forgot this was on. I think it is the Lana thing that made me not. I might actually just go back to Kitchen Nightmares. I like to imagine Gordon Ramsey slapping some of the SV fools.
He looked so sad talking about Lex...*siiigh*
I know! I choose to believe he is completely torn up about Lex's disappearance but is hiding it really well.
Absolutely--you could see it in his eyes, that and he didn't bad-mouth Lex. He's such a well mannered ex.
Well, as often as they're on/off, it's no wonder he's well-behaved. We all know Lana was the beard.
Oh, hell. Firestarter's stupid as all crap, isn't she?
Whoa, what was that at the end?
I think they're waving their little flag a little early there.