blowjobs for jesus (kristiinthedark) wrote in sv_live,
blowjobs for jesus

episode 7.6 - Lara

Hi hi! Ack, I'm almost late, so let's just cut to the chase and get started. Come on in!

11/1/07 = LARACollapse )
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i wonder how Lana explained knowing where Kara was.
*snort* Well, the writers acknowledged the Clark/Lex shippers quite well with that statement.
*headdesk* Did she really kiss him? Dude, you just broke up with Chloe last week. WTF?
i think these episodes must be months apart because otherwise nothing makes sense.
Possibly, but it seems like they still have the awkward phase going on...which seems like it was more than a week at least. And didn't Lana not have the Isis foundation set up quite so well last week? So that means it's at least several weeks.

And how does 10 million stretch that far nowadays?
maybe she's still stealing from him.
Possibly. Or blackmailing Lionel.
Yes, Jimmy she IS! duh.
You threw him away, Chloe. Don't be pissed that Kara caught him.
Maybe, but dude, you don't go after another girl's ex like that. Not one you know and your cousin counts as family, yo.
are you FN stupid Clark!!
Okay, that's disturbing. Completely. No, Clark, you can't clone your mother. You idiot.
D-ZAM! truly evil, bitchy Lana next week. can't wait.
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